Rock Solomon - Bandleader & Vocalist

    Rock Solomon was first introduced to big band music at age 10, when he began helping his father, a Jazz Hall-of-Fame inductee, set up for 22 piece jazz big-band performances at various venues in Washington state. Solomon’s father began playing jazz at the height of the big band era in 1942, and has since performed with countless jazz greats, including Sammy Davis Jr., Billy Holiday, Ray Charles, Quincy Jones, and Nelson Riddle, just to name a few.

Rock Solomon studied music directly from his father growing up, gaining a unique perspective and intimate understanding of the jazz big-band genre. As a band leader, musician & vocalist, he gained the rare ability to preserve the musical integrity of the Great American Songbook, while simultaneously bringing refreshing interpretations of the music to new audiences. Now Solomon carries the torch of his legendary family out of it’s long shadow, emerging as a young crooner with an old soul & unique authenticity, in a musical family tradition that is timeless.