Live at Blue Heaven


Debra Strickland February 10, 2016 @12:51 pm
This guy is terrific! We saw him live @ Patio Bar in Key West last week! Very great music, performance, audience interaction and style! Would recommend him to everyone! Rock, do you have any CD's? Would love to purchase several for myself & friends! Thanks for making our anniversary sooooooooo special! You are "Unforgettable" too! Debra & Wayne Strickland
Mom November 01, 2015 @02:59 pm
If you want to be a really great singer Rocky, you have to sing from the heart. There are other considerations too, but without heart . . . when heart walks out hack walks in. I can't imagine you wanting to do less than the very best you can do. When you let money call the shots, that's when the heart goes away. Do something less sacred, for money? Keep the music beautiful/inspiring/edifying/pure, always learning.
Mom October 31, 2015 @04:04 pm
Did you learn My Blue Heaven for this gig?
Mom October 31, 2015 @04:03 pm
Pretty impressive Roc. Have you heard about A-432hz in place of A-440hz? A-432 is in tune with the Schumann Resonance, the natural frequency of the earth. 440 conflicts with it. They changed from 432 to 440 in the '50's. I've changed all my music to 432hz. There's a function in Audacity that does that. I also recommend that you be sure and learn the melody exactly, improvise on subsequent choruses. The melody is half of the reason the song endured. People need to hear it as the composer wrote it or else, after awhile, all the songs sound the same. Listen to Frank Sinatra. He improvised a little but his jazz concept was in his phrasing. Hold out your notes longer. Don't cut them off all the time. I see you teetering on the brink of hack musical prostitute if you're not careful not to let that happen. It will make you bitter. Put together a concert and go on tour? You can get away with it now while Aurora is young. Is she tethered to the hospital? I cannot warn you too seriously to get her out of the hands of those people. You allowed them to vaccinate her, as I warned you not to do. Cure her with herbs and nutrients. Doctors will never cure her. Go to a homeopath, Chinese herbalist or naturopath. Doctors' jobs, as they understand it, is to keep patients coming back, keep the money coming in, no matter how nice and concerned they may seem, to your face. They hook people on synthetic drugs from which they can never kick. A person can kick heroin. It's a natural substance. But you can't kick synthetic drugs cold turkey. It's a long process phasing them out and detoxing, because they are synthetic. Pharmaceutical drugs are synthetic. Please realize what that means. Doctors only "manage" diseases. They only "treat." They are "practicing" medicine, practicing on you! I love you very much Rocky. I hope you are not offended. Love, Mom
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